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Recruitment for engineers [Prefer experience, Welcome inexperienced person too]

WEB programmer, WEB Application Engineer

Required Skills : Some language experienced person, Java, DELFI,, C # .net etc.
- Java development experience,
- Notes experience,
- WEB application development experience with .Net (VB or C#),
- RDB experience (SQL usage level) preferential treatment

Educational qualification : High school degree and above

Age : Does not matter (Inexperienced until the age of 30)

Working hours : 9:00~18:00 (1 hour break)

Wage : JPY 250,000 ~ 420,000

Holiday : Saturdays, Sundays, public holiday, Summer vacation, and New Year holiday

Insurance : Health insurance, Employees' Pension Insurance, Employment insurance

Work place : Tokyo metropolitan area, Suburb of Kanto (There is work at customer)

Language : Japanese is required (Minimum JLPT 2)
+ Proficiency in English is advantageous to interact with English-speaking clients.
+ Japanese nationality or permission to work in Japan is required.

If you wish to apply, please inquire to the following e-mail address or send a resume.